Explore the Yard Finance Experience. Learn about our features, benefits, and how we simplify cryptocurrency transactions.

Everything is a wallet

Send crypto using a phone number, Telegram handle or any other unique social id, including all crypto-native naming systems (ENS, etc).

Earn on your crypto actions

Save on your spendings and get cash-back rewards for every transaction sent with Yard.

No crypto experience required

Send crypto to literally everyone, no matter if they have a wallet or no. Your peers don’t even need to touch crypto.


Once integrated into a wallet, Yard allows to send and receive crypto and NFTs on any blockchain.

Simple integration

Easily integrate our service into your platform for hassle-free adoption.

Rich choice of providers

Enjoy a diverse selection of providers, accommodating a wide range of user preferences.

Streamline Integration with Yard.Finance

Unlock the power of integration and connect Yard.Finance to your apps and services effortlessly. Whether you're looking to enhance functionality, streamline operations, or explore new possibilities, our team is ready to assist you. Your journey to enhanced performance starts here.

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